RodStarz of Rebel Diaz at a South Bronx high school
      With over 25 years combined experience as teaching artists, Rebel Diaz has travelled extensively throughout the US, Europe, and Latin America facilitating workshops for youth and adults, using Hip-Hop culture as a means for community building.

       Through it all, they have stayed connected to their local community by co-founding the RDACBX, an autonomous Hip-Hop community center in the the South Bronx, NY.

        Whether facilitating workshops with young people of color in the BX, with students in the Bay, with immigrant youth in Berlin, with Guatemalan civil war survivors, or any of the dozens of other places they have had the privilege of visiting, Rebel Diaz aims to utilize Hip-Hop culture as a means for liberation and self-empowerment in marginalized communities throughout the world.

Rebel Diaz's interactive multimedia presentations focus on the intersections of Hip-Hop culture, Identity, Neo-liberalism, and Self-Determination. Workshops offered include:


This 60-90 minute multimedia workshop focuses on the historical and current intersections between community activism and Hip-Hop culture. By looking at historical examples of organic community organizing through Hip-Hop, as well as music, videos, and pictures, we explore the notion of community self-determination inherent in Hip-Hop, and how this essence can be reclaimed in the context of today’s corporate rap music industry. Talking Points include:



This 60-90 minute multimedia workshop focuses on the historical and current intersections between the struggle for immigrant rights and the socio-political concerns of the Hip-Hop generation. By exploring the historic role of immigrant communities in the creation of Hip-Hop culture, as well as the parallels between the continued criminalization of immigrants and young people of color, this workshop posits that it is the Hip Hop’s generation's responsibility to defend immigrant rights. Talking Points include:

Grassroots Cultural Resistance: The RDACBX

This 60-90 minute multimedia workshop focuses on the intersections of theory and practice involved in organizing grassroots cultural resistance- through the lens of Rebel Diaz's experience as co-founders of the RDACBX, a Hip-Hop community center in the South Bronx, NY. By sharing their experience of building a DIY community space, Rebel Diaz aims to give workshop participants helpful insight into the challenges and possibilities of building autonomous spaces for cultural resistance. Talking Points include:

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