Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Mike Brown Rebellion (parts 1-3)

Rebel Diaz reports from the front lines of Ferguson, Missouri. A docu-series produced for teleSUR English, The Mike Brown Rebellion is told through the word of young leaders at the forefront of the struggle. Please watch and share!

This week, Ñ Don't Stop brings a Special Report- one of four segments- on the #FergusonRebellion, that has resulted from the killing of #MikeBrown at the hands of Police Officer #DarrenWilson. The story covers the beginnings of the rebellion and the most current events from #FergusonOctober narrated by the young people in the front lines. Special interviews with activist and MC @TefPoe, and activist and organizer Tara Tee.

#TheMikeBrownRebellion continues on Ñ Don't Stop, the second installment of four segments. In this segment, #MikeBrown family speaks on his character, the relationship of community and Ferguson Police, and the defamation and disinformation campaign led by corporate media following Mike's killing.

Part 3 continues to cover #TheMikeBrownRebellion, #FergusonOctober : Weekend of Resistance. The piece highlights the youth energy that has taken this movement by storm. We learn about other young men and women murdered by police in St.Louis and nationally. Featuring interviews w/ Tef Poe (MC/Activist), Josh Williams (Activist), Tara Tee (Activist), Jesse Williams (Actor/Activist), Montague Simmons (Activist- Organization for Black Struggle), Lumumba Bandele (Activist- Malcolm X Grassroots Movement), and Tory Russel (Activist- Hands Up United).