Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Nos Quedamos" feat. guerrillerokulto (Rough Mix) - Fundraiser for Rebel Diaz

Peace to all our fam and supporters.
A couple weeks ago we gave everyone the news of our devastating loss in a robbery that was a potential deathblow to our work as Rebel Diaz. We received an incredible amount of love and support from everyone for which we are grateful and humbled. Many asked what they could do to help us recover from the loss of all our laptops, hard drives, and music catalogue. Here's how:
One of our biggest losses was the files for our unreleased Spanish album. We were able to recover a rough mix of one of the singles, "Nos Quedamos", featuring revolutionary Chilean MC, guerrillerokulto.
Go to the link below, download the song, and in the 'Buy Now' option, enter a donation, whatever you can. This will go directly towards a fund which will allow us to replace our lost infrastructure, and continue making music for the people.
We will keep everyone posted on the fund's progress and our plans to rebuild. Thank you all for the love! Despite our loss, your words have re-energized us to continue the good fight and help build a revolutionary culture with the people. Pa'lante siempre pa'lante! Nunca pa' tra' ni pa' cojer impulso!