Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Joint! "Run" (w/ The Reminders) - Produced by Kid Koi

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Mike Brown Rebellion (parts 1-3)

Rebel Diaz reports from the front lines of Ferguson, Missouri. A docu-series produced for teleSUR English, The Mike Brown Rebellion is told through the word of young leaders at the forefront of the struggle. Please watch and share!

This week, Ñ Don't Stop brings a Special Report- one of four segments- on the #FergusonRebellion, that has resulted from the killing of #MikeBrown at the hands of Police Officer #DarrenWilson. The story covers the beginnings of the rebellion and the most current events from #FergusonOctober narrated by the young people in the front lines. Special interviews with activist and MC @TefPoe, and activist and organizer Tara Tee.

#TheMikeBrownRebellion continues on Ñ Don't Stop, the second installment of four segments. In this segment, #MikeBrown family speaks on his character, the relationship of community and Ferguson Police, and the defamation and disinformation campaign led by corporate media following Mike's killing.

Part 3 continues to cover #TheMikeBrownRebellion, #FergusonOctober : Weekend of Resistance. The piece highlights the youth energy that has taken this movement by storm. We learn about other young men and women murdered by police in St.Louis and nationally. Featuring interviews w/ Tef Poe (MC/Activist), Josh Williams (Activist), Tara Tee (Activist), Jesse Williams (Actor/Activist), Montague Simmons (Activist- Organization for Black Struggle), Lumumba Bandele (Activist- Malcolm X Grassroots Movement), and Tory Russel (Activist- Hands Up United).

New piece by RodStarz: "The Power of Hip Hop and the Changing of the Guard in #FergusonOctober"

Rodstarz offers observations on the youth rebellion in Ferguson. Read this! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Nos Quedamos" feat. guerrillerokulto (Rough Mix) - Fundraiser for Rebel Diaz

Peace to all our fam and supporters.
A couple weeks ago we gave everyone the news of our devastating loss in a robbery that was a potential deathblow to our work as Rebel Diaz. We received an incredible amount of love and support from everyone for which we are grateful and humbled. Many asked what they could do to help us recover from the loss of all our laptops, hard drives, and music catalogue. Here's how:
One of our biggest losses was the files for our unreleased Spanish album. We were able to recover a rough mix of one of the singles, "Nos Quedamos", featuring revolutionary Chilean MC, guerrillerokulto.
Go to the link below, download the song, and in the 'Buy Now' option, enter a donation, whatever you can. This will go directly towards a fund which will allow us to replace our lost infrastructure, and continue making music for the people.
We will keep everyone posted on the fund's progress and our plans to rebuild. Thank you all for the love! Despite our loss, your words have re-energized us to continue the good fight and help build a revolutionary culture with the people. Pa'lante siempre pa'lante! Nunca pa' tra' ni pa' cojer impulso!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

RodStarz on Univision debate on Eric Garner and police brutality

Click on picture for full video:

RodStarz and Claudia De La Cruz on NY1's Pura Politica

Click on picture for full video: 

Ottawa, Canada! Rebel Diaz and The Coup this Saturday!

Join us!

New episodes of Ñ Don't Stop

Interviews with Karen Lewis, Chicago rapper Saba, and more!

'10 observations on Ferguson' by Rodrigo Starz

RodStarz shares his analysis of the Ferguson uprising, and Rebel Diaz's experiences in this occupied St. Louis suburb. Click on picture for full article.

Rebel Diaz and other NYC Latinos visit Ferguson, MO

Lean la entrevista aqui

RodStarz discusses Ferguson with RT's Eva Golinger

Interview starts at 7:03

Rebel Diaz on RT discussing Ferguson

NYC 2 FERGUSON Fundraiser at BB King's a success!

This past Wednesday, more than 600 people came out to Times Square in NYC to watch Rebel Diaz, Dirty Delorean, The Reminders, YC the Cynic, and Immortal Technique perform in support of an NYC to Ferguson Freedom Ride. Thanks to all performers, Sankofa.org, and all those that attended. Justice for Mike Brown, Justice for Eric Garner. Hands Up Don't Shoot!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get your tickets for Aug. 27th Rebel Diaz at BB Kings!

Click here for advance tickets only $10!

New "Ñ Don't Stop" episodes on TeleSur English up now!

Claudia de la Cruz talks to Nancy Mansour in Gaza, RodStarz hits the streets of NYC to talk to people about #FreePalestine, and G1 talks to YC the Cynic on Rooftop Live. Tune in Mon. and Wed. 9pm EST on TeleSur English!

In this episode, Claudia visits the Kara Walker exhibit in NYC, RodStarz talks to "#nicegentrifiers" and interviews the amazing Ana Tijoux on Rooftop Live.

Rebel Diaz back at BB King's NYC August 27th!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rebel Diaz are MTV Iggy's Artist of the Week

And the winner is...

thanks to all our friends, family, and supporters for making this happen! The people have spoken!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rebel Diaz hosts "Ñ Don't Stop", new web show on TeleSur English

This week teleSUR, Latin America's leading news channel, launched teleSUR English worldwide. Rebel Diaz will be hosting a weekly web show, "Ñ Don't Stop" covering our global travels, current events, politics, and entertainment. Check out the first two segments below!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

And the nominees for MTV Artist of the Week are...

Rebel Diaz, Rebel Diaz, Rebel Diaz! Vote for us here or click on picture!

Newark performance w/ AllHipHop.com!

Our Music in the Booth

An innovative bus stop where people can sit while listening to Rebel Diaz and other Bronx artists? WHEDCo's Boogie Down Booth, featuring Rebel Diaz is now up! 

Click the picture for the New York Times article on the Boogie Down Booth.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

RodStarz of Rebel Diaz featured on Chico Trujillo's new release

Chilean cumbia rockers Chico Trujillo released a new EP, Reina de las Fiestas, featuring the cumbia smash, "Chatito" with RodStarz of Rebel Diaz handling MC duties. 

Click on picture for article in Chile's La Tercera.

NYC Summerstage Central Park Performance

We brought out the band and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra to honor Pete Seeger in front of thousands in NYC. Salute also to Harry and Gina Belafonte. More videos coming soon!

Rebel Diaz vs. Sen. Ruben Diaz in the NY Daily News

He wants to lock up more young people. We say build more community centers!
Click on picture for full story.

Tour with Grammy-nominated artist Ana Tijoux a multi-city success!

Amazing tour with Ana Tijoux through DC, Brooklyn, and Boston. Some footage from the Brooklyn show below.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Interview at ERT channel in Greece

Last year, the state-sponsored Greek media channel ERT laid off its workers and attempted to shut down the station. The workers protested, occupying the television/radio station and continuing to transmit while restructuring into a worker-ran national media outlet, ERTOpen. We took some time to build with the workers and share our struggle. Interview linked here.

Updated Tour Schedule!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New video! "La Patrulla" (feat. King Capo) Directed by Sense Hernandez

It's here! Also make sure to check out the dope write up on the video by our friends at Remezcla:


"[Rebel Diaz] even enlist the help of 22-year old Español-spewing Brooklyn prodigy King Capo to get their message clear through their masterful rapping skills. Even though the song has a social function, it’s one of the finest displays of refined MCing of recent memory..."

Monday, May 19, 2014

Europe 2014 Tour Dates!

Join us in Germany, Greece, France! 
w/ live band featuring Kid Koi, Grammy Luss, and JoeyBagadeez 

Friday, May 9, 2014

"La Patrulla" video coming soon!

Look out for our new video to "La Patrulla" coming soon!

BB King's Show w/ Slick Rick a success!

The energy at this week's BB King's show in NYC with Slick Rick was insane! Much love to the pioneers! Pictured here with Slick Rick and DJ Kool Herc!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Upcoming Shows in Chicago!

Mayday in Chicago! 

Thurs. May 1st, will be our Chicago debut with a live band, followed by a festival performance at Northeastern University on Fri. May 2nd. Come thru and celebrate Hip-Hop, workers and immigrant rights!

Thurs. May 1st

Fri. May 2nd

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BB Kings show in NYC a success!

A last minute booking to headline the legendary BB King's in NYC + Rebel Diaz + talent from RDACBX and Boogie Mics + supporters from across the tri-state area = 

Shouts to the band: Joey Bag o' Deez, Benny Bass, Kid Koi, Grammy Luss, DJ Charlie Hustle, C-Rayz Walz, King Capo and all the other performers for rocking with us! Stay tuned for more with the band!

Friday, March 28, 2014

This Sunday! Rebel Diaz at the legendary BB King's Blues Bar in Times Square NYC!

Headlining with a live band. With some of the best emerging talent NYC has seen in years, at one of the most legendary venues. All Ages! For free tickets, RSVP to info@rebeldiaz.com. See you there!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

NEW VIDEO!- "Gain The World" Dir. by Cambio

Linked up with our West Coast fam Cambio of Quiloboarte for this one. Shouts to Watsonville Riders and the youth from BIM! Don't gain the world and lose your soul!

Friday, February 21, 2014

One No, Many Yesses in Venezuela

We've read with concern the vaguely humanitarian and dangerously 'impartial' opinion pieces by the likes of prominent musicians who, although honest in their emotional responses, fail to accurately assess the social and geopolitical realities happening today in Venezuela.

We all can agree that US foreign policy towards Venezuela since 1999 has been economic sabotage and attempts at regime change in order to protect vested oil interests. We also can agree that the corporate media distorts the reality on the ground in Venezuela to manipulate public opinion towards the interests of US multinationals and their cronies in the Venezuelan oligarch. Facts only.

From here we can begin to understand the nature of the protests in Venezuela.

We recently returned from Chile, where a student protest movement eight years strong has raised important questions about the fundamental human right of high quality, accessible public education. So imagine our surprise when we read about these 'student' protests occurring in Venezuela, a country where the constitution enshrines the right to free K-College public education. So, if not the question of access to education, what are their concerns exactly?

We've heard of the shortages in toothpaste and toilet paper but this is hardly the Toiletry Revolution. There is also the supposed concern about public safety but it seems counterintuitive to organize violent flash mob protests for safer streets. CNN and Univision paint the picture that there is massive opposition to the Bolivarian Revolution, despite the fact that it has won over 16 internationally-recognized local and national elections since 1999. Moreover, despite the claims of silenced dissent, the majority of press in Venezuela is in the hands of private media companies that operate with open hostilies and lies to destabilize the social fabric. So who is this 'opposition' really and why have they mobilized all of their disinformation channels now?

The protests began surfacing on February 12th of this year. On February 10th, The Law for the Control of Fare Costs, Prices, and Profits went into regulation. This law puts a cap on grotesque profit margins to ensure companies doing business in Venezuela are not simply pimping the resources of the national economy at the expense of its people. It seeks to address the economic warfare being waged by multinational corporations, who are hoarding goods to create artificial shortages, raise consumer prices, and foment social unrest. The law seeks to avoid what occurred in Chile during the presidency of Salvador Allende, where the CIA, and the US/Chilean oligarchy initially attempted to instigate a 'soft coup' by hoarding warehouses full of everyday necesities like rice, cooking oil, and flour in order to fabricate popular discontent. We need only to look back at this history and other imperial US interventions in Latin America to know that when the power of the global elite is threatened, as is happening in Venezuela today, the empire will respond with unmitigated violence, manipulation, and deceit in order to protect their profits.

Since receiving Hugo Chavez here in the South Bronx in 2005, we have been inspired to create safe, liberated cultural spaces for young people in the poorest congressional district of the United States through the RDACBX. Recently, we held a concert to commemorate the 20 years of the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico, where the indigenous community has waged a 3 decades-long struggle to protect their land and culture from the same tentacles of predatory multinational 'development' companies that threaten Venezuela today; the same entities that spur gentrification and racist police brutality here in the South Bronx. Although different in context and process, our struggle for survival in the Bronx, the Zapatista uprising, and the Bolivarian Revolution face the same foe; a violently imposed socioeconomic model that threatens our very existence as a human race; a system that values profits over people and the planet. Perhaps we can all take a cue from the ancient wisdom of the Zapatista struggle; that of Leading by Following; For Everyone, Everything and For Us Nothing; and most importantly, One No, Many Yesses. A defiant, unequivocal, unified NO to imperial domination, and diverse, inclusive, participatory, creative, multiple YESSES to the wants and needs of the people- to be determined by, and only by, the people.

Abajo el imperio!
No a la violencia y los golpistas!
Que viva el pueblo Venezolano!

G1 of Rebel Diaz
South Bronx 02/21/14

Friday, February 7, 2014

Rebel Diaz in Chile!

El Retorno! Rebel Diaz back in Chile for the first time in 3 years with 2 dates in Santiago...

w/ the amazing Ana Tijoux and Shadia Mansour on Sun. Feb. 9th

and with some of Chile's best MCs including:
guerrillerokulto, Salvaje Decibel, SubVerso, and Adickta Sinfonia on Fri. Feb. 14th